How Much Alkaline Water Should You Consume Each Day?

The overall popularity of alkaline water and alkaline water benefits are rising steadily. Health experts and celebrities around the globe have started highlighting the benefits of drinking alkaline water over filtered water. In addition to the wide range of health benefits, it also offers help in specific conditions like high blood pressure and acid reflux by cleansing your body with time. 

If you wish to reap the benefits of drinking alkaline water, it is recommended to drink it almost regularly.

The question that arises is how much alkaline water should you drink in a day?

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  • What is the Ideal Amount of Alkaline Water Needed to Consume?

When you are consuming the best alkaline water, it offers a ton of benefits for your overall health. The amount of alkaline water your body needs daily will depend on several factors like your overall weight, any specific health condition you might have, and your level of activity. As per the general rule, drinking around 3-4 glasses of alkaline water daily is a great way to observe its benefits.

  • Recommended Daily Alkaline Water Intake

The answer to alkaline water daily intake will depend on specific factors -like your overall health condition, current diet, and the level of activity you are involved in. As per the generalized rule, it is considered safe to drink around 3-4 cups of or glasses of alkaline water daily. 

However, if you are only starting out, it is recommended to start taking the intake slowly while increasing your intake gradually. It offers your body ample time to adjust while also avoiding any unwanted symptoms of the detox process. Moreover, it is equally important to be properly hydrated by consuming other types of fluids through the entire day.

  • How Much Alkaline Water to Drink During Exercise

Exercise is crucial to maintaining your overall health and well-being. At the same time, it is vital to be hydrated before, during, and after exercising. This is wherein the role of drinking alkaline water comes in. 

When you consume alkaline water during your exercise regimen, it helps in minimizing inflammation, speeding up recovery time, and improving the overall performance of your body. Therefore, whether you are a fitness-freak or a professional trainer, ensure that you remain hydrated by drinking booster alkaline water throughout exercising session.

  • How Much Alkaline Water Should You Drink Before & After Meals?

You can improve your feeling of fullness if you drink alkaline water 30 minutes before consuming your meal. Through this process, the body is capable of simulating the healthy digestive fluids with the help of ample hydration.

  • The Best Time to Drink Alkaline Water

When you start your day with a glass of alkaline water, it will prepare your body for the remaining day. Therefore, morning time -just as you wake up, is regarded as the best time to drink alkaline water. It is recommended to keep a bottle of alkaline water bedside so it is the first thing you drink every morning.

  • Conclusion

To imbibe the benefits of alkaline water, it is recommended to choose the best alkaline water brands offering the best alkaline water price in India. If you wish to get started with the habit, choose the best brand to be assured of the best outcomes.

  • Pro Tip

While alkaline water is known for its host of benefits, you should be aware of how it can affect your body. 


  • What happens if you drink alkaline water every day?

Drinking around 7-8 glasses of water daily helps in replenishing lost nutrients for ensuring maximum hydration of your body. The body will readily absorb alkaline water effectively than regular water -offering superior hydration.

  • Can you have excess of alkaline water?

Drinking too much alkaline water can cause metabolic alkalosis while disrupting the normal pH levels of the body. Therefore, it is recommended to consume only the suggested amounts on a daily basis.. 

  • What happens when you start drinking alkaline water?

Those consuming water having a higher pH daily are found to reduce viscosity significantly. This implies better blood flow when you have alkaline water daily.

  • How much alkaline water is safe per day?

As far as the overall safety is concerned, drinking around 7-8 glasses of alkaline water is good for your health.

  • Can you drink 9.5 pH water every day?

Booster Alkaline Water provides a right pH of 8 to 8.5. It is the right replacement for packaged drinking water. The pH level of water that you drink daily should be around 8 to 8.8.