Know The Different Forms of Healthy Water to Drink For Good Health

The human body is made up of 70 percent of water. A majority of it is lost through sweat and urine. This is why health experts suggest the importance of being hydrated at all times.

Many individuals struggle with the multitude of options for healthier drinks in the market out there. Each type of healthy drink offers the claim of delivering a ton of benefits for your health.

Let us help you understand different types of healthy water you can include in your daily regimen to garner the health benefits.

  1. Black Alkaline Water: Black water or black alkaline water contains essential minerals -including sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. In this variant, pH levels of alkaline water are elevated between the range of 8 & 9. Black alkaline water has been found to deliver a wide range of health benefits like treatment of chronic diarrhea, abnormal intestinal fermentation, indigestion, acidity, diabetes, and improving heart and bone health. 
  2. Alkaline Water: It is important to drink water with the right pH level to ensure optimal health. When you drink water that is too acidic, it will have a negative impact on your health. The best alkaline water is known to slow down the aging process while also preventing cancer.
  3. Sparkling Water: Also known as soda or carbonated water, sparkling water is typically infused with carbon dioxide under the impact of pressure. Sparkling water is known to be mineralized. Therefore, you will receive the benefits of health-boosting minerals with carbonation. Moreover, it also features a clean and pure taste. Sparkling water is regarded as a great alternative to sugary soft drinks. Studies reveal that this variant of water helps with digestion while also relieving constipation and dyspepsia. 
  4. Tonic Water: Tonic water is available as a carbonated soft drink. The presence of quinine in tonic water helps in delivering a host of health benefits. Moreover, quinine is also responsible for offering the drink a distinctively bitter flavor. One of the primary benefits of quinine is with respect to the treatment of malaria. 
  5. Vitamin Water: Vitamin water is regarded as the beverage containing water with water-soluble vitamins. Most producers of vitamin water offer the beverage with sugar or added sweeteners. Vitamin water is helpful in providing your body with all essential nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, specific variants can also help in replenishing electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium -also vital minerals for your overall health. 

Which is the Best Water to Drink?

If you wish to receive maximum health benefits out of water you are drinking, you should know about the best water to drink. Due to its rich nutritional value, black alkaline water with an abundance in rich minerals can be regarded as the ideal choice. Some of the core benefits of drinking black alkaline water are improved hydration, a boost in metabolism, improved bone health, better digestive health, and so more.


If you are in search of health drinks online, you can go through the benefits of different types of water. Based on your health preferences and concerns, you can choose the best type of water to fulfill your needs.


1. What is the healthiest water to drink?

Out of all variants, black alkaline water is immensely beneficial from the health point of view. It helps with better hydration, boost in metabolism, improved bone health, and so more.

2. Which health drink is best for adults?

Out of all options, you can think of including black alkaline water in your daily diet to garner its wide range of health benefits.

3. What is the best drink to replace water?

If you find that normal packaged water is doing no good, you can replace the same with nutrition-filled, mineral-rich black alkaline water.

4. What are the healthiest beverages?

Thankfully, there are several variants of drinking water -including black water, alkaline water, sparkling water, and so more, to serve as the healthiest options.

5. Which water brand is the safest to drink?

Based on your health requirements, you can choose the desired water brand offering the best type of water.